Om Yoga Academy – Yoga Retreat Center in Rishikesh

Risihkesh’s Premier Yoga Retreat Center

Om Yoga Academy offers a 7 day residential experience at our yoga retreat center in Rishikesh. The program is for anyone who wants to experience and learn the basic knowledge of yoga, and has a very limited schedule in which to do so. This yoga retreat is designed especially for those people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives, and let all the stress melt away. During the 7 day retreat you will be taking daily asana classes (‘yoga classes’), meditation and pranayama classes (literally the expansion of life force), and experiencing the serenity and peaceful atmosphere of the majestic Himalayas and the holy river Ganga.

Why Just 7 Days?

Maybe you are the type of person who is very interested in learning the practice and wisdom of yoga but is unsure whether they want to commit to a Yoga teacher training programme. Or maybe, you just dont have the time. Our 7 day yoga retreat has been created for people like you. It allows the student to immerse them-self in the knowledge and physical aspects of Yoga without having to commit to a long period of study. It is perfect for beginners to be able to experience a yogic lifestyle and give them what could become a potential life altering daily practice.

On the other hand it can also provide experienced practitioners who are under time constraints to escape from the stresses of normal life and realign with their true center. Whatever your reason may be, Om Yoga Academy is here to help. And if this has got you wanting to consider doing a longer programme with us, please follow the links to our other courses and certifications:

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

100 hour Yoga Teacher Training

What to Expect From Our Yoga Retreat

We really want you to have a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable experience with us in Rishikesh. The asana classes will be taught in the traditional Hatha style, with a strong focus on safe alignment and modern western views of correct bio-mechanics, ensuring your safety and physical wellbeing. But Yoga is about so much more than asanas. The physical is the way we enter deep within. 

Rishikesh is a serene and holy place. You will be staying by the holiest river on earth and surrounded by majestic mountains. It truly is a special town. On top of asana classes you will also experience meditation and pranayama classes, where we look to shut off our external senses and listen to our inner self, free from the shackles of fluctuating thoughts. 

Yoga Retreat Syllabus
  • One asana class per day
  • One hour Ayurveda massage session
  • Evening pranayama and/or meditation classes
  • Visiting Kunjapuri temple, the oldest temple in Rishikesh
  • Sightseeing (visits to the Ganga Aarti and Rishikesh Market)
  • Three home cooked vegetarian meals per day
  • Six nights accommodation
How to Apply

If you want to join our 7 day yoga retreta in Rishikesh, you need to fill out our application form. When your application has been received and accepted, we will ask for a $70 deposit to be transferred via pay-pal, to secure your application.

The deposit is non-refundable but can be retained should you wish to change the date of the retreat you wish to attend

7 Day Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh Dates
August 2-9 2019$400Apply Now
September 2-9 2019$400Full
October 2-9 2019$400Apply Now
November 2-9 2019$400Full
January 2-9 2020$400Full
February 1-8 2020$400Apply Now
April 2-9 2020$400Apply Now
May 2-9 2020$400Apply Now
August 2-9 2020$400Apply Now
September 2-9 2020$400Apply Now
October 2-9 2020$400Apply Now
November 2020$400Apply Now