Why Take a 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

teaching advanced yoga pose on the 300 hour teacher training course rishikesh

Taking Your Teaching to the Next Level

A 300-hour yoga teacher training is a great way to increase your knowledge base and refine your teaching tools. It builds on the knowledge from the 200-hour certification, and adds greater detail into every limb of the practice. We recommend that you wait one year between your 200-hour certification and the 300-hour yoga teacher training course. This is to allow time for the knowledge of your initial training to sink in and manifest. Then, once you have grasped the techniques and information, you can continue in your studentship, and add greater depth to the skills and practices you are now comfortable with. Otherwise, we feel that with too much information too fast, you can become overwhelmed with the volume of detail, and as a result, things will be forgotten or lost.

It also true that, in the grand scheme, 200 hours of training can sometimes seem insufficient when dealing with such a vast tradition as yoga. Of course, a personal practice is our greatest tool, but returning to our teachers and becoming a student, is never a bad idea. I am sure as new teachers, you have all felt the pressure to perform and deliver a great class every time. This expectation can sometimes push other things to the side, and one may slowly lose the true purpose of teaching in the first place.

A great teacher is always a student first. When you no longer search for ways to improve, you will inevitably stagnate, and no longer be able to give the same benefits to your students. Taking a 300-hour yoga teacher training certification is the perfect way to deepen your own personal development, and sharpen your tools, so you can give even more to your students!

A 300-hour training offers a deeper insight in to the yogic tradition, and offers explanations of more subtle aspects of the practice. It also allows the students to explore more advanced asanas, in comparison to a 200-hour yoga teacher training certification, and can answer questions that have arisen in your teaching career so far. It is thus, a great step to improve your own teaching methodology, as well as solidify new habits in your personal practice.

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