The Importance of Education

Yoga teachers meditating on 300 hour yoga teacher training course

The life of a teacher never stops. It is a hard task, often without its just rewards. It is long hours and busy schedules. It is spending time to create, research and execute plans for the benefit of others. Finally, it is the willingness to forever be a student. The quest for knowledge and furthering one’s education never stops.

A phrase that should stay with any teacher, is to always have an empty cup, ready to be filled. That is to say, if you have a cup that is full, nothing new can enter. As teachers and students alike, we must always be willing to learn new things. Even if this means adjusting or changing our original views. It is paramount to never cling to knowledge. All things must be held lightly, so they can be put to the side when other ideas that are more beneficial present themselves.

A dogmatic approach is never the way to true insight. We must make mistakes, correct them and continue to improve. A new teacher is never perfect, and no one should expect them to be. It is often daunting for a newly certified yoga teacher to give their first classes. They may feel unsure of themselves or not ready to share their teachings. But in truth, no one is ever ready. There is not one point when someone says β€œI know it all, so now I am ready to teach”.

Rather, all that is required is to share what you know, and be ready to adapt. The path to knowledge is continuous, with many obstacles along the way. This is why it is imperative for a teacher to continue to learn and grow. Every teacher should also be a student. We encourage all our students to continue their education beyond the certification.

A 300-hour teacher training course is a great way to continue this development. The student, who has received their 200-hour teacher training certification, and has now had some experience teaching others, can sometimes feel overwhelmed with the task, and even lost in the direction they want to take.

The 300-hour course is the perfect step to help answers these questions. Now that the student has experience teaching, they can see everything with a fresh perspective. There may be certain ideas that seemed unrelatable in their initial education, but are now vital points to take on board and learn from. It offers the chance to ask teachers with a lot of experience helping practitioners from all over the world, how they deal with certain issues and injuries, variations for poses, and clear cueing for advanced postures, so students can safely experience them.

Teaching is a fantastic opportunity to share and grow. However, it should never replace the empty cup of a student. The greatest teachers have been, and still are, great students first and wonderful teachers second.

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