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Yogacharya Shatveer Singh Rana (School Director)

Shatveer Singh Rana , the founder and director of Om Yoga Academy , lives with a dream to reach as many hearts as possible by sowing the seed of Yoga , hence he decided to start his mission in life and built a school of his dreams and named it Om Yoga Academy , the universal energy that brings people together for a cause of self realization and self awareness through the study of yoga.

He started his own yogic journey at a very tender age of 15, born and raised in the spiritual and the yoga capital of the world Rishikesh , his inclination towards yoga was very natural as the atmosphere was filled with spiritual learning and understanding of self, that’s when he decided to make this his profession and persued his yogic studies from Shivananda Ashram. It was the authencity , tradition and discipline that moved him and in no time these qualities became his core value system .He further took up his 200hrs Hatha Yoga Teachers Training under Roshan Singh, who he credits to help him build the foundation and helped him gain self confidence to get deeper in this miraculous journey.

His emphasizes on alignment, safety and breath work in his teachings is what took him abroad and kick started his career to take this authentic science wherever possibly he could reach and gained 10 years of experience. Shatveer’s infectious positive energy and his compassionate heart set’s him apart as a teacher, his students admire him for his cheerful and jovial nature as he see’s himself in every student. Shatveer appreciates consistency, hard work and discipline in students and truly endeavors to transform his student’s practice and perspective of Yoga more as a lifestyle , that will keep them healthy physically and mentally throughout their life and calls it the secret of living life to the maximum with minimum effort, his proficiency in Hatha Yoga has gained him a lot of respect and acknowledgement.

After exploring Yoga he felt the need to understand the drive people have towards going to the gym, therefore he decided to explore this horizon and get the knowledge in both fields and why both of them are different from each other , the most important thing he wanted to experience was, what was the after effect of both on human mind and body? practicing both simultaneously makes Shatveer Rana the only teacher in Rishikesh who has the clarity of explaining the difference building size and strength in muscles by depending on external weights and building flexibility and strength by using your own body weight and how both are interrelated and distinctive in their own way .

He often says, I want to be able to be available to all my students on a personal level as everyone is on a unique journey and help them achieve their maximum by overcoming their weaknesses and mental blockages, his this attitude makes him humble and detached to his achievements. Shatveer still accompanies his own students and motivates them to go to as many teachers and possible and learn as much as they can. In spite of having a decade of experience he continues to attend classes from experienced teachers to touch base with his roots. He aims at helping people reunite with themselves by making them watchful, to separate the real from the unreal and fully awaken you to the new reality of your identity by the significance of the 8 limbs of yoga and how each step is important and cannot be ignored to achieve the balance and stability we are trying to acquire in our lives.

He quotes “There is no end to learning and that is our purpose of life ,it the soil of Rishikesh and the love of Mother Ganga that has made me what I am today”. He also believes that “A true Guru will lead you to yourself not to himself ; to what we are truly capable of not just the limited aspects that we perceive define us.Shatveer is now pursuing MA In Yoga Acharya and is determined to keep the core essence of yoga alive and spread the knowledge to the world.

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