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Learn Yoga in Best Academy in Yoga Capital of India

Learn Yoga in Best Academy in Yoga Capital of India

09:39 26 June in yoga

Learning yoga in Rishikesh is a matter of getting absolute self contentment as well as self refinement. In the best yoga academy in the yoga capital of the world yoga takes a holistic form. The objective is not only making one proficient yoga teacher through programs and courses like the 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh India but also to ensure that the mind and body of the learner is developed in such manner that he or she becomes the universal healer and dedicated server to mankind.


Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh

There are numerous yoga retreats in India and across the globe but those in Rishikesh is always different. Uniqueness of yoga retreats in Rishikesh emanates from the different in approach adopted by the academy imparting training in yoga. While the retreats are usually meant for the beginners and for learners who are in Rishikesh for a short time span, they do not miss out the basic and inherent principles of yoga and its eternal link with Ayurveda. 


What the Yoga Training in Rishikesh Offers

Different types of yoga training courses are provided depending on the status and duration of stay of the learner. For instance; the yoga retreats in Rishikesh are meant for the beginners who want to learn about the core features of the yoga art and science. For those that want deeper realization of the core essences of yoga and a little beyond the basic learning features, there is the 100 hours yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh India. For advanced learners depending on their aptitude and preparations; there are also 200 hours, 300 hours, and 500 hours training courses. Certifications advanced are globally valid due to accreditation by the Yoga Alliance USA.


Gaining in-depth Knowledge

Retreats or other training programs in the place of origin of Yoga are meant to offer the learners with an in-depth knowledge of the ancient art and science of India with amazing healing powers. The core features of the programs is to make the learner realize that yoga is not simple exercise but much more than that and is a form of therapy used for medical purposes as well.

Best yoga retreats in India and other training programs are available at leading yoga academy in Rishikesh. It is for the learners to reap the benefits by resorting to one.


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