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Yoga Gallery

Welcome to our yoga gallery! Here we want to give you an insight to the wonderful experiences and facilities at Om Yoga Academy. These photo albums are only screenshots of what awaits you in Rishikesh. If you have any further concerns or questions please contact us.


At Om Yoga Academy, graduation is a time to celebrate. The course finishes with a fire ceremony, and the certification ceremony. It is time for the students and teachers to come together one last time to reflect and enjoy the amazing experience.

Classes at Om Yoga Academy

The Yoga hall is situated on the top floor of the academy. The asana (yoga poses) classes, as well as the philosophy and anatomy classes happen here. It is a beautiful and clean space, that allows for the natural light to come flooding in. Click here to find out more about the facilities.

Yoga Alter YTTC 200 hours
yoga class YTT 200 hours rishikesh
Yoga class YTT 200 hours
Anatomy class YTTC 200 hours rishikesh
Yoga Anatomy 200 hours YTTC rishikesh
Yoga Class YTT certification 200 hours rishikesh
Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Yoga Poses

Poses (asanas) are the physical aspect of the practice of Yoga. As a result, we believe firmly in a strong daily practice (sadhana). Therefore we feel it is important that our teachers adhere to this ideal and are able to guide, demonstrate and show you how to safely enter and exits the asanas. To find out more about our teachers, follow the link

Uttanasana YTTC rishikesh
Headstand yoga teacher training
Dancer Yoga Pose YTTC 200 hours
Eagle YTT certification 200 hours