Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ Yoga Teacher Training at Om Yoga Academy

Here are some common questions and answers. We hope you find this helpful. If your question has not been answered below, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing us at:


Before Joining the Course

Q. Do I need to be proficient in Yoga to do the program?

We strongly recommend that you take a foundation course in Yoga before joining our courses as this will make you familiar Yoga asanas and postures.

Q. How many students are enrolled in each Teacher Training at one time? What is the typical age range of the participants?

We typically have 25-35 students in our trainings. Students generally range in age from 25-55 years.

Q. Will I be qualified to teach yoga once I complete the 200-Hour Teacher Training Program?

Yes! With the successful completion of all the requirements of the program, you will be eligible to teach Yoga.  It is recommended you receive your Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Certification (RYT200) as this enhances you chances of getting a better paying job as Yoga Alliance certification is a requirement for employment at many gyms and yoga studios.

Q.I want to enroll in the training to develop my own practice rather than teach, is this ok?

Yes, the course is also designed for those who would like to deepen their own practice of yoga. There is, however, a strong focus on teaching.

Q. Will Yoga practice interfere with my spiritual path?

No. The practice of Yoga respects all spirituality paths. In fact it deepens the choice of spirituality.

Q. If I’m unable to attend the training then will I get a refund?

Students only need to give 200 $ at the time of enrollment which is non- refundable. All other fees will only need to be paid on the day of joining. If for any reason, a student needs to leave the course mid way – they can join back anytime in the next two years.

Q. Are meals and accommodation included in the price of the training?

In Rishikesh we offer a residential course and stay is included. All 3 meals will be provided.

Q. What kind of food is provided during the course?

The food provided is healthy, delicious vegetarian cuisine – in alignment with yoga principles.

During the Course

Q. What do I need to bring for the training?

You should bring warm, comfortable yoga clothing, light shoes/sandals, toiletries, insect repellent, medicines if you take any, swim wear – if you are in the Goa retreat, towels, and any other items that you carry while travelling. You also need to bring your own yoga mat, strap, block, and eye pillow. If you do not have these you can purchase them from us when you arrive for the course.

Q. Do I need to follow any ethical guidelines?

Yes, there are some simple guidelines to help create a Sattavic (yogic) environment

Students need to abstain from smoking cigarettes or taking drugs and alcohol
Students need to take vegetarian diet on site.

Q. What happens if I miss a session on the timetable?

Students need to have 100 percent attendance to comply with Yoga Alliance requirements. However, if due to unforeseeable circumstances you miss a part of the course, you can complete it by joining a later course.

Q: How much time should I expect to spend on homework?

To get your certification expect to spend about 7 hours per week on written assignments, including yoga practice, classes attended, observations etc.  If you are pursuing the course for self development (and certification is not important) rather than career development then you can skip the assignments but it is highly recommended that you follow the complete program.

After the course

Q. Do you offer job placement on completion of the course?

No. We don’t assure or offer jobs on course completion but students who have taken the courses in the past have gotten good jobs / started their own yoga studios.

Q. How can I contact you for further clarifications?

You can contact us anytime. We’d be happy to answer any questions or doubts you may  have about the course.