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About Rishikesh

Rishikesh - Holy City

Rishikesh – ‘the Gateway to Land of Lords’, is one of the popular Hindu pilgrimages destinations in India. Rihsikesh also known as “The World Capital of Yoga”. It is a perfect combination of pilgrimage, adventure, wildlife, yoga and meditation. The holy city awaits millions of devotees and adventure enthusiasts every year. Rishikesh is often crowded, specially from April to October.


Historical Tales
Heralded amidst lofty hills, the city is located at an altitude of 356 m above the sea level. It is also known as ‘Tapo Bhumi’ means the place for meditation of Gods. According to legends, sage Raibhya Rishi did severe penance and as a reward, God appeared to him in the form of Hrishikesh. It is also said that the land has witnessed the incident in which Lord Vishnu vanquished the demon Madhu.


Yoga and Meditation Centres
Rishikesh is also popularly known as world of yoga and meditation. The holy town is dotted with numerous yoga resorts where people can do meditation and yoga for their spiritual development. The serene and calm ambiance in the ashrams conducts yoga and meditation to attain complete mental peace and satisfaction.


Adventure Activities
Set an expedition to adventure world filled with lot of excitement and enjoyment. Have a thrilling experience of white water rafting in Rishikesh. Rafting on water of wisdom is an unique experience that enchants every visitor. Explore the wild waves of Ganges that gushes down from an altitude of 480 m. Those who are sacred of rafting can indulge themselves in gentle canoeing here.

The other option to add more thrill in your Rishikesh trip is trekking. Explore the fascinating trekking routes surrounded by lush greenery on high ranges of great Himalayas. The trek route offers a magnificent panaroma of picturesque locales.

This holy place has always had something or the other to offer to its innumerable tourists. One can always find the great Sadhus and Sanyasis meditating on the banks of the sacred Ganges. The Rishikesh Tour will make sure that you have the most historic and memorable trip ever. The most ideal and suitable time to visit this place will be between September and November and March and April. The Rishikesh Packages will provide you an insight to the famous tourist spots of the place. Rishikesh has also been christened as the “Yoga Capital” of the world.

There are many sacred temples and ashrams to visit in Rishikesh. Rishikesh Packages offers you a chance to visit the renowned ashrams including Omkaranand Ashram, Sivanand Ashram, Vanprastha Ashram, Vitthal Ashram and Paremarth Niketan. You can also visit the famous Bharat Mandir, which draws many tourists from across all over the country. The Rishikesh Tour also provides an easy path to visit other sacred pilgrimages like Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri. The scenic and serene beauty of this place is simply breath-taking and mind-blowing. The Rajaji Park, which is situated at the basin of the Ganges, is another famous tourist attraction of this place.

The Rishikesh Packages exposes you to the most exciting and daring adventure sport of this place, the river rafting in the Ganges. The powerful waves of the river are just so enthralling that the visitors have no option but to go with the flow of the waves. In case, you are new to the sport of river rafting, the Rishikesh Tour ensures that you are guided by the river raft professionals. If you want to take a break from rafting, you always have an option to set up your tent on the banks of the river.


Shopping Arcade
Rishikesh is primarily a pilgrimage destination. Therefore visitors can rarely find big markets or souvenir shops. But there are few things which can delight the shopaholics. They can shop for handicrafts made of sea shells, beads, pearls etc. Visitors can also look for saris, handloom fabric, bed covers and cotton fabrics at local shops.

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