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Master the Art of Yoga With 28 Days – 200 Hours Yoga TTC Course in Rishikesh

When it’s about going for a Yoga Teacher Training, there is no better place than that in Rishikesh. Known as the Yoga Capital of the World, Rishikesh has many Yoga Schools, Ashrams and Institutions offering Yoga Teacher Training Course to enthusiasts. At Om Yoga Academy, we provide Yoga Alliance Certified 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh for everyone. This certificate course spread over a duration of 28 days offers recognition from world renowned council as a certified yoga trainer.

What are covered in this ‘28 days Yoga Teacher Training Program’?

This comprehensive course of 28 days offers a detailed insight into yoga through its basics to advanced application. We have also included introduction to Ayurveda along with yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy, pranayama, meditation and Kriya. With a comprehensive training we modulate individuals to perform as a professional yoga teacher after successful completion of this course. We also impart skills like helping in the yoga classes and how to conduct classes keeping focus on individual attendants.

Advantage of pursuing 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Program at Om Yoga Academy:

There are several advantages why a person should choose Om Yoga Academy as his destination for 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training. We have coined a few important advantages for ease of our readers:

Advantage of location: Om Yoga Academy is situated on the bank of river Ganga away from the crowd. In the pristine nature one can get the view of Himalayas from the Academy premises. We have a beautiful garden, walking paths, and a vast hall for our yoga trainers. We have nurtured our ambience to be just perfect for any yoga practice.

Advantage of training facilities: Our Academy has a well-equipped training hall with all necessary accessories, yoga essentials, chairs, ropes, blocks and bolsters. Our teachers provide one-on-one assistance for each and every student and this is like receiving teaching in a personal accommodation. We have trainers who are always happy to clarify the doubts of our trainees. With such advantage, it becomes more fun while learning yoga at Om Yoga Academy.

Multiple formats of Yoga Teacher Training: We offer yoga in multiple formats including 200 Hours Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. Our styles are adopted from ancient yoga scriptures, Patanjali Yogasutra and even from modern formats of yoga from eminent masters. This multiple format of yoga offers you vivid knowledge of yoga with all prevailing formats so as to cater to the queries of your students. With a wide variety of yoga teacher training program, our 200 hours YTT in Rishikesh proves its existence as one of the finest.

Yoga Anatomy as an important add-on: At Om Yoga Academy, we include Yoga Anatomy as an important and vital component of the training session. We add anatomy aspects such as understanding human anatomy, aligning physical postures for benefit of the body, understanding positions of the chakra inside human body and their stimulation, along with effect of nutrition on various parts of the human body. This helps us to understand the effects of yoga on human anatomy and harness the skills for maximum benefit.

Yoga Kriya - A vital aspect for body purification: At our academy we also impart significant attention on performing detoxification kriyas. Our course includes kriyas like, Neti, Nouli, Shankha Prakshyalana (ardha and purna - half and full), birechana, nadi sodhan and others. These kriyas have significant effect on detoxifying the toxins inside the body and help in attaining a pure body over regular practice. Special classes on Ayurveda and nutrition help to develop best vegetarian food habits for a healthier and active body with active mind and pure soul.

Advantage of teachers: Our yoga trainers and teachers are having more than 8 years of experience in practicing yoga in multiple formats. This vast experience helps to teach the trainees with much clarity and precision. Our teachers are resourceful and are caring towards students undergoing training and always endeavor to offer the best training that can make new teachers over a period.

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200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course Syllabus Overview

Surya Namaskara

Yoga Asana

  • Standing Asana
  • Tadasana
  • Utkatasana
  • Vrkshasana
  • Uthita Trikonasana
  • Parivritta Trikonasna
  • Uthita Parsovakonasana
  • Parivritta Parsovakonasana
  • Parsvatanasana
  • Virabhadrasana I, II.
  • Padahastasana
  • Garudhasana
  • Natarajasana
  • Uttanasana
  • Ardha Chandrasana

Sitting Asana

  • Dandasana
  • Janu sirsasana
  • Paschimottasana
  • Gomukasana
  • Matyendrasana
  • Baddha Konasana
  • Supta Baddha Konasana
  • Virasana
  • Supta Virasana
  • Vajrasana
  • Balasana
  • Upavistha Konasana
  • Ustrasana
  • Eka Pada RajKapottasana
  • Malasana

Prone Asana

  • Bhujangasana
  • Ardha salabhasana
  • Dhanurasana
  • Chaturanga Dandasana
  • Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

Supine Asana

  • Uttanpadasana
  • Vipritakarani
  • Matyasana
  • Naukasana
  • Chakrasana
  • Sarvangasna
  • Halasana
  • Pawanmuktasana

Inverted Asana

  • Sirsasana
  • Adho Mukha Svanasana
  • Parsaritta Padottanasana


  • Nadi Shodan
  • Bhastrika
  • Bhramari
  • Ujjayi
  • Sitkari
  • Shitali
  • Murcha(Thory only), Pravini(Theory ony)

Shat Karma

  • Neti
  • -Jal Neti
  • -Sutra Neti
  • Dhauti
  • -Kunjal Kriya
  • -Sutra Dauti

Nauli: abdominal massage.


  • -Shankaprashalana



Pantanjali Yoga Sutra

  • Ashtanga(8 Limbs of yoga)Yoga
  • Isvara
  • Panch Chitta & Vritti
  • Panch Klesha

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

  • Asana
  • Pranayama & Shat Karma
  • Mudra
  • Samadhi

Life Style as Yoga Practitioner

Ethic of Yoga Teacher

Yoga Philosophy, Life Style and Ethic

Yoga Anatomy

  • Skeletal System
  • Nervous System
  • Respiratory System
  • Endocrine System
  • Muscular system
  • Basic knowledge of Ayurveda


Our 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Certification

200 HOUR YTTC ------12:FEB--10:MAR:2018--------Available------Apply

200 HOUR YTTC ------19:MAR--14:APR:2018--------Available------Apply

200 HOUR YTTC ------23:APR--19:MAY:2018--------Available------Apply

200 HOUR YTTC ------28:MAY--23:JUN:2018-------Available------Apply

200 HOUR YTTC ------02:JUL--28:JUL:2018--------Available------Apply

200 HOUR YTTC ------06:AUG--01:SEP:2018--------Available------Apply

200 HOUR YTTC ------10:SEP--06:OCT:2018--------Available------Apply

200 HOUR YTTC ------15:OCT--10:NOV:2018--------Available------Apply

200 HOUR YTTC ------19:NOV--15:DEC:2018--------Available------Apply

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Daily Schedule

Time Daily Schedule
06:30 AM Kriya (Jala Neti)
7:00 AM Mantra & pranayama
07:30 ~ 09:00 Asana
09:10 ~ 10:30 Breakfast
10:30 ~ 11:30 Yoga Anatomy
11:30 ~ 12:30 Yoga Philosophy
13:00 ~ 14:00 Lunch
14:30 ~ 16:30 Self Study in Yoga Hall or Dining Hall
16:45 ~ 18:15 Asana
18:30 ~ 19:30 Pranayama & Meditation
19:30 ~ 20:30 Dinner
22:00 Lights Off
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Successful trainees at Om Yoga Academy are certified with 200 Hours Teacher Training Program as recognized by Yoga Alliance. This helps the students to pursue a career as a yoga teacher in any place of the world.
Interested to know more? Call us today and join us to receive the finest 200 hours Hatha, Ashtanga, or Vinyasa yoga teacher training in Rishikesh!